Accounts Receivable By Patient

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Reports - A/R - Accounts Receivable by Patient

Account Receivable By Patient Report - This report ages the Accounts Receivable into buckets - Current - >30 days - 30 to 59 days - 60 to 89 days - 90 - 119 days and 120 days.

This HTML printable report lists and ages all outstanding Accounts Receivable. In addition to the default filter set, the report can be filtered by All or a Single Place of Service. Report data includes, Physician Name, Location, A/R Aging Buckets Current, 30 – 59 Days, 60 – 89 Days, 90 - 119 Days, 120 days or greater and Total. Each Physician is sub-totaled by location and the entire practice is totaled at the bottom of the report

Note: This A/R report is designed to run quickly by using the calculated claim balance which includes ALL payments and adjustments made against the original claim even if they occurred after the end date selected. To see a point in time A/R you should use the Accounts Receivable Report.


Date Range - you should start this report on a date before you started using DuxWare at your office or if a data conversion was performed from your prior PM system, the date prior to when you started entering charges into that system. The ending date can be the date that you wish to stop calculations.

Date Sort By - Entry Date is the date that the services/payments were entered into your system. Batch date is the same as Entry date. Service date is the date that the service actually took place as referenced on the From Date of the charge. Payments, regardless of when they were entered will inherit the From Date of the charge if calculating by Service Date.

Physician - All or specific physician

Locaton - All or one specific location

Facility - All or one specific facility

Bill Code - All or one specific bill code

Name Selection - Default beginning with blank and ending with ZZZ will get all patients. Type a specific patient last name or range of letters to filter by name. Add ZZZ behind the name or letter in the to box.