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How to schedule Appointments

Click on the Appointment tab Click on view Appointments The date will come up for you If you are looking for a different date click on the date and a calendar will come down for you are you may enter the date in the box

If you have more then one provider pick the provider you would like to schedule an appointment for.

If you have more then one location pick the location you want to schedule the appointment for.

Show only box is if you only want to see one day.

Quick jump box allows you to jump days, weeks, months are years for an appointment just use the arrows to move back and forward.

Once you have selected the above criteria click on get schedule

You may now pick an empty block to schedule an appointment (if the block is pink it is blocked but may be overridden, If the block is gray you can not use this space.

Once you click on an open space the patient information will come up if this is the patient you want to schedule enter the info and click save. The patient name will appear in the box you have selected.

If this is not the patient you want to schedule click on the change patient button and pick the correct patient you would like to schedule. This will bring you to the patient account click on the appointment button on the bottom of the page this will take you to the appointment schedule. Once you have entered the information click save.

If this is a new patient you have two options you may do a quick add or you may create a full account for the patient.

Edit Appointment Right Click on the patient you want to edit in the schedule a box will pop out for you to pick what you would like to do next just click on that option edit appointment will allow you to edit the appointment cancel appointment will allow you to cancel the appointment, reschedule will allow you to reschedule the patient for another day and time, Go to patient view will take you to the patient account, Print superbill will allow you to print a superbill for this patient. Insert appointment will allow you to double book this appointment time.

If you left click on a patients name in the schedule you can reschedule patient cancel patient Mark the appointment as kept, mark appointment as confirmed You can also view changes made to this appointment.

To Reschedule an appointment for a patient you may right or left click on the patient’s name in the schedule and click on the reschedule option then pick a new date and time by clicking on the space. once you have pick a space a box appears with the patient information now enter any new information and then hit save.

To cancel an appointment you can right or left click on the patient’s name on the schedule and pick the cancel option you will have to enter a reason for why the patient is canceling. Once this is complete click on save.