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Claim Entry

Click on Enter charges This will bring you to the header screen check to make sure all info is correct if so click on next if not make any changes The next screen is where you enter the dx codes and procedure codes and modifier any once you have enter the procedure code and linked the dx to them you click on add service repeat for each procedure code. Once you have complete all services click on save charges.

The message button is if you need to put a note on the claim The NDC is for the National Drug Code

The Arrows on the left side of the charges allow you to move services up or down The Red Stop Sign allow you to delete charges and the Notepad allows you to edit

Once you save charges the next screen will allow you to Print a Hcfa Print receipt,Add Recall,create claim message and Mark as Manual From this screen you can also post a payment & edit a claim. If you have none of the above to do click on quit This will bring you back to the patient main screen

Print Hcfa Will Print your claim Print receipt Will Print a receipt Add A recall will allow you to add a recall to the patients account Create Claim Message allows you to add a message to this claim Mark as Manual allows you to mark the claim as sent so no claim prints.