DuxWare Release Note - 01/15/2017

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Important System Updates

Unapplied Payments

Pre-payment Add Screen Quick and simple! Take a look at your updated Pre-payment Add screen. We have improved the flow. You will see:

  • Copay button (If the co-payment was entered into the Eligibility, it will appear on the button. If the copay is what you are collecting, just click the button.)
  • Account Balance button (If the patient has an account balance, and they wish to clear that amount, just click the button, and it populates the payment field.)
  • Make it quick (Move around and make selections quickly with Tab and Shift + Tab keys and up and down arrow keys.)
  • Payment Type (If the payment type's source is set to "check", the system will automatically populate with today's date.)



  • Dunning Report
    • Single Payer Lookup button has been added under Payer Names option. You can access the Dunning Report via the Reports tab>Collections>Dunning Report.
  • Insurance Analysis Report
    • This report is now available for export in Excel
    • New option to show Primary Filing Only for better analysis of reimbursements by payer. The option defaults to "Yes". If "No" is selected, secondary payer reimbursements will be included in the calculations. You can access the Insurance Analysis Report via the Reports tab>Revenue Analysis>Insurance Analysis.
  • Provider Productivity Report
    • The Provider Productivity Report will now output to Excel.


  • Payer Setup - has a new option under Electronic Eligibility Options to override the Group NPI. Some payers require the individual provider's NPI be used to check eligibility rather than the group NPI. This will affect all eligibility that is checked for this practice for this payer. Normally, an override is not needed.

2017 AMA CPT Codes

2017 AMA CPT codes are available. Please click the link below for the form.

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