DuxWare Release Note - 02/24/2019

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Patient Demographics

You will see updates to:

  • Patient Dashboard has replaced the screen name of Patient Information Screen
  • Patient Authorizations
  • Next Appointments

See illustration below of where to view the updates:


Patient Authorizations:

Users will now be able to see future authorizations in the Authorizations window of the Patient Dashboard. Multiple current and/or future authorizations can be viewed by mouse hovering over the Authorizations window. Selecting “View All” will bring you to the Authorization Manager where you have the ability to Search, Add/Edit, Generate a report, view claims linked to an authorization.


Next Appointment:

Select “View All” on Next Appointment window in the Patient Dashboard to see Next Appointments to quickly view or print. To view/print for all patients linked to a Responsible Party, go to the Responsible Party/Guarantor account, select View All and print.


Example Report generated from Next Appointment view:


If you have any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please contact your PM Support Team.

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