DuxWare Release Note - 04/24/2016

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Patient Demographics

Deleted Guarantors/Policyholders: Deleted Guarantors or Policyholders will appear in red to alert the user to make a change to either another guarantor/policyholder, or select "self". See illustrations below:




Print HCFAs by Patient Account: You now have the option to print HCFAs by patient account number. In order for HCFAs to generate, the claim(s) must be in "Pending" status. If you have claims with payers that are filed electronically, but you still would like to print HCFAs, select "Include Electronic Carriers:".

There are three avenues to print Claim Forms:

1) Via the patient's account ledger (single print)
2) From the Claims Tab>Claim Manager
3) From the Claims Tab>Print Claim Forms

This update relates to the second and third method. Select the image below:


Claims Manager

You will see a new button to "Upload to Clearinghouse" on your Claims Submission pop-up. We do have SFTP portal capabilities with the following two clearing houses: Trizetto/GatewayEDI and Navicure. Your ability to see the action button to upload your claim file to the clearing house is phase one of fully implementing this process.

Once we add your credentials to the Ansi 837 Setup, you will be able to automatically upload your claim submission file by simply selecting "Upload to Clearing House". We will contact your office as soon as this is fully implemented with Trizetto/GatewayEDI and Navicure. In the mean time, continue downloading your claim file as you normally do. Click on the illustration below to view the Claims Submission window:


Payer Setup

Automobile Insurance has been added as a payer type in the Payer Setup. To access the Payer setup from the Support tab, go to General>Payer Setup. You can select this new insurance type when either editing an existing payer setup, or adding a new one. If filing this payer type electronically, please be sure to select its corresponding payer indicator "AM". Click the image below to see the new selection:


Provider Mobile App

PM Mobile App has been updated to provide a better visual resolution that will give the user a better experience when using this application with smart phones. Since some of you may not be familiar with this feature, below are the instructions for use. This feature is appealing to providers because they can quickly access their appointment schedule on the go.

Practices using the optional Mobile application on a Web-enabled cell phone will need to configure each user that will access practice management system from a mobile device. Mobile App allows providers and management staff to access their Practice Management schedule and patient demographics from a hand-held phone.

To setup a user for Mobile Access:

Select Support>User>User Setup

Search for the correct user and click the user to bring up the User Add/Edit screen. Select the provider who's schedule this user will access from the drop-down list labeled Physician Link.
NOTE: Users have the ability to access one scheduler, and it will show all locations for that provider. To use the Mobile App, enter the following address in the web browser on the mobile device; https://xxx.duxware.com/mobile.php.
The xxx represents the database used by the practice. Log into your Practice Management System Mobile App with the user's standard login user name and password. Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the Mobile Main Screen.

Clicking the Appointments Option will bring up today's appointment schedule for the linked provider.

Clicking on any of the patients on the list will reveal information about the patient.

To exit the Mobile App, click Log Out.

If you need assistance with this feature, please contact your PM Support Team.


The Autopost Electronic Remittance Files Search screen has been updated to now show the Check Date and the Check Amount. To access the the Electronic Remittance Files Search screen from the Claims tab go to: Electronic Remit>Review Posted Remit Files.



Patient by Procedure Report:
Procedure Group has been added as a criteria for this report.

Provider Payroll Report:
This is a new addition to the Revenue Analysis report listing. This report calculates amounts intended to be used for reimbursing providers when the provider is paid a percentage of payments collected on procedures. This report will collect payments within the Date Range and apply the rules by provider as configured using the Setup button. If procedures need to be excluded, a Report Procedure Group can be created that contains the Procedure Codes that will cause this report to ignore payments using those Procedure Codes. This is known as 'Except/Exceptions' on this report. Charges and payments are both displayed on this report. This report exclusively uses Entry Date of both Services and payments. This report can also be filtered by Provider and Location.

You will need to do some setup for this report.


Providers in your database will need to be linked to this report. Payroll Line Items to select for each provider:

  • Provider (select the provider name to include link to this report.)
  • Location (select location associated with this provider.)
  • Description (user defined for this provider link)
  • Category (Base, Bonus, or Fee - See tool tips for details)
  • Type (% of Provider's Revenue at Location, % of Total Location Revenue)
  • Multiplier (This is the multiplier used by Category and Type for this line.)

If you have providers that have multiple roles in your practice, you can setup Provider Groups and also link a Parent Provider in the Provider Setup.

To access the Provider Payroll report from the Reports tab, go to: Revenue Analysis>Provider Payroll Report.


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If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact your PM Support Team. (800) 248-4298