DuxWare Release Note - 05/01/2022

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PM Release Notes 05/01/2022


  • Incoming Claim Manager:

-New User Interface-

Look to the left! In this area, the end user will focus to the left of the screen for action buttons to expand and drilldown into claim data by selecting the [+] which will display three tabs [Services][Diagnosis] and [Messages/Warnings] which you may find helpful before actually creating your claim. Also, you have the same functionality as before this update to Edit, View Patient, and Delete. Sort ascending/descending via column up/down arrows on the column headings. You can easily export a report by selecting the Report button. It will display results based on your criteria selections.


Select the [+] button to expand to see [Services][Diagnosis][Messages/Warnings], and select the [-] to collapse.


  • Claims>Filing History Search:

Filing Search History has an updated screen with the same functionality and the added ability to export a report based on filtered results. You can search by Claim Number, Patient ID, Record ID, Patient Name, and Batch Number. You may also filter by Start /Entry Date, and Show Deleted. Sort ascending/descending with up/down arrows on the column headings.

Claims>Claim Edit:

Hiding Service Lines – There are instances when hiding service lines are necessary, and now there is the ability to do this via Claim Edit>Filing Information.

To hide services in a claim, retrieve your claim, then access Claim Edit where you will see tabs for [Claim Information] [Filing Information] [Service/Payments] [Messages]. Select [Filing Information], then edit the Filing Sequence as illustrated below:


You will land in the Filing Sequence Edit where you will see the Selected Services with a check mark to the left of each service line. De-select the services or services that you do not wish to be filed on the payers filing sequence, and select Save.


Take a look at your Service Payment tab to view your change. You will see that only the items with the check mark will be sent to the payer for that filing sequence. Also, you do not need to be concerned with the payments/adjustments associated with the de-selected line, they are still with your claim, but they are hidden from the filing sequence.


Hiding service lines works for form printing and electronic claim submission.


Service line as it appears in the electronic claim submission. Please note that the de-selected service line does not appear.



  • Reports>Listing

Claim Data Report This report has a new output option for Accident Date.

  • Reports>Revenue Analysis

Insurance Analysis Report This report now has additional options to include Average Payment Options.

  • Reports>Revenue Analysis

NEW REPORT! Monthly Claim Report This report will produce combined reporting by Payer and by Location.




User Messages have been updated throughout the Practice Management System with new screens and added functionality.

Out with the old:


In with the new:


The above old/new view of the messaging system is access from the top tab menu: [Messages]. With this update, we get updated user interfacing with added functionality. Messages have multiple access points via:

  • Messages top tab menu
  • Claim Edit
  • Patient Dashboard Pop-up Message/Notes
  • Patient Ledger
  • Payment Edit

Export a report of your filter results and sort ascending/descending vial up/down arrows in the column headings. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Don’t forget this feature!:

Procedure Expansion Management is accessed via the Support tab menu.

  • Support>Procedures/Diagnosis>Expansion Code Manager:

For those providers who do not utilize an EMR option to submit claims to the PM and choose to input charges manually, we have a new feature for Expansion Codes that can make charge entry a snap. Routinely, there are a set of CPT codes that are repetitively used such as Lab panels, routine wellness, immunizations. We have an easy way to set this up to make your charge entry a more user-friendly experience, and it’s quick.

Support>Procedures/Diagnosis>Expansion Code Manager

Below is an example of a lab panel setup containing multiple procedure codes:

From the Support menu, select: Procedures/Diagnosis, then Expansion Code Manager.

  • Select [+Add].
  • Input the code that you wish to use for the panel of CPT codes.
  • Input the description of the Expansion Code.
  • If there is a different Place of service (POS) code for this type of panel, then you can override the default POS in your claim header by selecting Override, and inputting your choice of POS. This input will carry over into each CPT that you add to this panel of procedure codes.


Once you select [+Save], you are ready to start adding the CPT codes to the Expansion Code. In our example, it is labeled LAB1. Select the [+] to the far left to add your CPT Codes.


Input your CPT code, then proceed to input modifiers, fees, units, diagnosis codes, etc. If you are not sure if you need to override any of the values, you can test your code in a claim then come back to this area and edit your input.


Below is the first CPT Code entry that I’m adding to the expansion code. I haven’t added a POS since I input a POS in the Expansion Code. You can override the Standard Fee Schedule by inputting the fee amount here, as well as other fields included for this procedure. Once you save the procedure, you can add additional codes to link to your Expansion Code, by selecting the [+Add] button.


Below is the completed panel for Expansion Code: LAB1


Using your Expansion Code in Charge Entry:

  • Navigate to Patient Dashboard, then select [Enter Charge] like you normally do to manually input a claim.
  • Validate the Claim Header, and select [Next]. You will land in the Charge Entry screen.
  • If Diagnosis codes appear, you may want to select the [Clear Diagnosis] button to clear them out before inputting the Expansion Code in the CPT field below.
  • Input Expansion Code into the CPT code field, then select [Add Service].


All of your services linked to the Expansion Code are now included with your claim, with their associated modifiers, fees, Place of service code and diagnosis. See below:


Carefully review the first claim to ensure that you have set up all of the elements to your expansion code correctly.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding this update, please contact your Customer Support Team for assistance.

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