DuxWare Release Note - 06/09/2019

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Report Updates

Reports>Revenue Analysis>Payer Productivity Report

New filter options have been added: Provider Group and Location Group


Reports>Practice>Practice Activity Report

New filter options have been added: User, Location, and Provider


Appointment Scheduler

After our previous system update to the Appointment Schedule, we received feedback from our users regarding the “Select” option appearing for the Appointment Type and Appointment Category. Previously, the Appointment Type would normally auto-fill with “EP” for Established Patient unless the ordering option was selected in the Appointment Category Setup. Currently, the system requires the user to select from the list of types and/or categories available. We have added a new rule in the setup to accommodate our users that preferred the system action prior to the update.

Please note that if your clinic utilizes defined slots from your schedule template, this change did not affect your appointment schedules.

Example of the current default for Appointment Type/Appointment Category:


To prefill the Appointment Type and/or Appointment Category, you have the option of naming/predefining the appointment slots in the Appointment Schedule Default/Template, or modify the appointment rules in the Schedule Setup. If you prefer that your staff are forced to select the type and category for each appointment, that is your option as well.

We ask that if you are not familiar with adding/editing your appointment schedule setups, that you call into our Support Team for assistance until you feel comfortable adding schedules and making changes.

To access the Appointment Rules, go to Appointments tab>Schedule Setup. (Please note that most clinics require a Level 5 User Access Level to access this feature.)


In the previous illustration, we are requiring an Appointment Type and an Appointment Category.

After modifying the appointment setup rules, select save and check your work. It should pre-fill your type and/or category.


If you have any questions regarding this release, your Practice Management Support Team will be glad to assist you.

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