DuxWare Release Note - 07/01/2015 with ICD-10 Testing Guide

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DuxWare Release Note - 07/01/2015 with ICD-10 Testing Guide

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Testing your Electronic (837) claims for ICD-10 Readiness

System Updates and Enhancements

Payer Setup

To access the Payer Setup from the Support tab, General>Payer Setup.

Medicare Secondary Payer ID:

Under the Billing Tab of the Payer Setup Add/Edit, there is a new field to input Medicare Secondary Payer ID
under Electronic Claims Options:


Block 9 Prior Policy Override under the HCFA-1500 Fields:


Submission Type Codes added to Claims Filing Status Edit

When resubmitting claims to Medicaid, the payer may require a Submission Type Code. The code appears in HCFA 02/12
Block 22. To access this area, select the claim in the patient's ledger, and then select the [Information] button at the
bottom of the ledger. You will land on the Claim Information screen. Select the [Filing Information] button at the top left.
Select the Primary or Secondary Filing Sequence that you would like to edit, and you will land at the Claims Filing and
Sequencing Edit. You can select the appropriate Submission Type Code under the Resubmission
Codes section as illustrated below. Remember to [Save] your change.


Eligibility - Eligibility Permission by Appointment Report

To access the Eligibility Permission By Appointment Report, select the Appointments tab>Eligibility>Eligibility by Appointment.

Print button has been added to the Eligibility Permission By Appointment Report.


Also, in the Eligibility Permission By Appointment Report, you now have the ability to search and check Eligibility by defining
the parameters. For instance, if there was an issue with the batch file processing for your overnight eligibility batch check, you
can easily reset the date criteria, select the Eligibility Status, and any other criteria available for selection, select the
[Search] button, and you can re-send the selected Eligibility request back through the clearinghouse portal. See the illustration below:


Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at support@duxware.com or by telephone at 1-800-248-4298 if you have any questions.