DuxWare Release Note - 07/19/2020

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DuxWare Release Notes - 07/19/2020


Patient>Patients by Referring Provider ***NEW*** This report is brand new with numerous filtering options. You are presented with a snap-shot of Totals based on the criteria flittering options that were selected and an accordion style, interactive report that drills down to the details. You may also export the report results into a .pdf or .csv formats.


Reports>Patient>Patient Demographics Report This report was updated to include output data for Patient Balance. This option will output what is on file to Patient only.



Appointments>Reports>Appointment Analyzer ***New Report****

  • We fully intend to replace the older version of this report: “Appointment Type Report” after we have made sure that we accommodate all of the functionality of the older version. A full comparison is under way. So for those of you who routinely utilize the Appointment Type Report to monitor appointment data, please feel free to provide us with your feedback.


Select “Yes” for Breakout options to further analyze your appointment data.


The new Appointment Analyzer also produces in a printable .pdf output.


For comparison, below is the previous version of this report, “Appointment Type Report”: Note: The Appointment Type report is still available on the menu.


Appointments>Reports>Appointment Tracking Report

  • New column for “pending claims” (For clients that utilize the claims bridge with the EMR, you can now reconcile pending claims from the Incoming Claim Manager to appointments. * note: Pending claims in this area have not been created and assigned a PM Claim Number.)

Appointments>Appointment Search

  • This report now exports to .csv and .pdf format



General>Payer Manager

New options for UB-04/837I Submissions:

  • UB-04 override for clearinghouses that require a separate clearinghouse Payer ID for UB submissions
  • New 3rd party reporting options for UB-04 submissions for ASC


If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your Support Team. We are glad to assist you!

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