DuxWare Release Note - 07/30/2017

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PM Appointment Schedule

Block and unblock by range - You now have the ability to block and unblock multiple provider/resource schedules at one time. To access Block by Range: Appointments>Schedule Setup>Block by Range. Please see the example illustration below:

Appointment Block.png

Claim Manager

Manual Claims - There is a new option to mark claims that in "Manual" status as"Filed". For example, some payment posters will select, "mark as manual" when posting payments manually. It basically puts the claim in limbo until it is marked as filed or placed back as pending. It really depends on the circumstances. If a payment poster routinely makes this selection, the number increases over time. Now, there's an easy solution to place those type claims in "Filed" status and get them out of your work queue.

To access "Manual Claims", go to Claims>Claim Manager>Select Clearinghouse set up to gather claims>Manual Claims.

Once you select the "Manual Claims" tab, select the [Action] button, then [Mark as Filed].

Manual claims.png

Collection Manager

Collection Manager - There is a new option to available in the Patient Statement Setup (Support>Management>Statement Setup) and under the Advanced tab in the Collection Manager to use aging based on patient payments. By selecting "Yes", the system will calculate the claim's age based on the last patient payment. If "No" is selected, the age is based on the last filing sequence of the claim.

Please note that if the patient is making payments on account, you will want to disperse the payment on all open claims that are on file to patient; otherwise, they will get a statement with an older aging message.


Dunning Report - New Option regarding Unapplied Claims. To view Unapplied Claims on the Dunning Report, you now must select the option under Balances. Otherwise, they will not appear on the report.

Reconciliation Daysheet - Added Summary view to .CSV export.

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