DuxWare Release Note - 08/21/2016

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Productivity Report by Procedure Criteria

Enhancements have been made to this report to accommodate larger clinics with multiple providers and locations to include criteria options for provider groups, procedure groups, break-out by provider and locations. This report can be accessed from the Reports tab>Revenue Analysis>Procedure Productivity.

Report Description: This report is a listing of all patients seen in a given time period where a selected service has been performed. in addition to the default filter set, data can be filtered by Place of Service, Procedure Code or Range, Procedure Group or Range, Payer, Payer Group or Self Pay and Specific Modifier used. Payments listed on the report can be based on Payment Receipt or Batch Date or by Service Date the payment was paid against. This report also accommodates filter options for Provider Group and location Group, and can also break-out by Provider and/or Location. Report data includes: Procedure Code and Modifier, Procedure Description, Units Count, Charges, Payments and Adjustments per code as well as the effect on the A/R for the given times period calculated as a balance. All columns are grand totaled at the bottom. If run for a time period (e.g. month), the report will total that month's charges and total all payments received in that month regardless of when the charge was entered. Output is Excel or PDF.

When selecting the options to break out by provider and/or location, the Excel output will create a worksheet for each provider/location. The PDF output will create a separate page for each provider/location. This eliminates the need to run a separate report for each provider/location.

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