DuxWare Release Note - 09/02/2018

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Saved Reports

You will no longer need to remember the criteria that you selected on previously run reports. Your Practice Management System can do it for you. You can see the criteria for previously saved reports and save your own criteria. Saved Reports feature is strategically placed in the A/R Reports, Revenue Reports, Collection, and Patient Reports. If you find a report in our system that does not have this option and you would like to have it, please let a member of our Support Team know so that we can add it for you.

Example: In this example, Dr. Test routinely asks for a report for specific procedures performed at the surgery center for the prior month that requires specific criteria. Set the criteria, Select Save As: Dr. Test Monthly Surgery Center Data. Once you select your criteria, you can select [Save As] and name your report criteria before or after you run the report.


Name your report.


You can see your Saved report on the left under Saved Criteria. You have the option to delete, edit, save as a favorite, or share the report with other users that have access to this report. A listing of Recent Reports is also saved for you to reference.



  • Dunning Report - Exports to .csv/open in Excel (Filter and export the Dunning Report to suit your needs.)



Claim Summary Report

This very useful report is under reports tab>Listing. More filtering options have been added to the report.

  • Bill Code
  • Payer Type
  • Aging

Additional information has been added to provide more information for service details.

  • Column headings for Excel export: Provider, Location Claim #, Service line, Claim Age (Days), Service Date, Procedure, (Modifiers : M1,M2, M3,M4), Units, Patient Account, Patient Name, Last Payment, Charges, Total Payments, Total Credit, Total Debit, Patient Payments, Insurance Payments, Total Adjustments, Patient Balance, Filed To, Policy Number.

Fee Schedule Setup

To access the Fee Schedule Setup, go to Support tab>Procedures/Diagnoses>Fee Schedule Setup.

This area of your Practice Management System has been updated with a whole new look with some exciting functionality for managing fees and payer fee schedules. The Fee Schedule Search is a centralized area to manage all the fees in your PM which includes both standard fee schedule and fees associated payer groups and/or modifiers. It does not replace the configurations that you may need in the standard fee schedule (e.g. fees found in the Procedure Code Setup). However, you will have a quick link to edit a standard fee and global days field. In this module, you will have the ability to:

  • Edit standard fees
  • View/Export/Import Standard Fee Schedule
  • View payer Fee Schedule (Including Side by Side)
  • Copy any Fee Schedule to a new/existing Payer Fee Schedule
  • Copy any Fee Schedule to a new/existing payer Fee Schedule based on % of source fee schedule
  • View/Export a report Listing Standard Fee Schedule and one or more Payer Fee Schedules (With Export)

Filtering Options:

  • Filter by procedure code or description
  • Filter by one or more fee schedules
  • Filter by deleted or active codes
  • Show deleted codes

Search Options:

  • Search – will output based on the criteria input or selected
  • +Add – add a new fee
  • Report – Create a report based on criteria input or selected. Report will export in PDF or CSV.


Alpha II Claim Scrubber

Real-time claim level and batch submissions are now sent via web services portal with instant results and are integrated into your PM. Once the claim is scrubbed for CCI Edits, the Scrub results stay with the claim as part of its history. One correction can easily cover the fee for the service. For more information, please contact our Customer Support Team for details.


Patient Engagement/Appointment Reminders

For practices that utilize our Appointment Reminders, there is a new column for “Last Contacted” that will show the Date/Time that the patient was last contacted by the Appointment Reminding System. To access the Patient Appointments view, select View at the bottom right of the Patient Information Screen. If you would like more information about this valuable service, please contact your Support Team for more information. We will be happy to setup a demo for you.


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