DuxWare Release Note - 09/20/2020

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Claims tab

Claims>Claims Search

This query tool has been updated again. Claims Search allows you to perform various queries and drilldown to the details. If your clinic has more than one claim type, you now have the ability to filter this query to see that specific claim type.


Claim Service Edit

On occasion, the need arises to re-order the service lines in a claim. It’s now as easy as selecting the up/down arrows to the left of the line number. If the service line has a payment/adjustment linked to it, it will stay linked to the original service.



Payment Edit – Payment/adjustment via Batch Payment by Claim # (Manual Posting) are now linked to the Payment Edit Screen very similar to how we link the payments/adjustments to auto-posted remittances. To view the batch posting, select “View Batch Info”.



Reports>Listing>Claim Data Report This report has a new filter to retrieve claims by 835 Reason Codes. This can be found under the Claim Related, Service Related, and Filing Status Related Sections.



Reports>Revenue Analysis>Provider Payroll Report

Excel output now displays Refunds.


If you have any questions, please contact your PM Support Team. We are happy to assist you.

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