DuxWare Release Note - 10/28/2018

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Payment Summary Report ***New***

To access this report, go to Reports>Listing>Payment Summary Report.

The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of payments by provider and location. The summary of payments are groups of payments combined into a single row on the report per claim or service by Pay Code and Date of Entry. This report can present data in both Productivity and Revenue Analysis modes (i.e., limit payments to date range, or all payment for service).

  • In Claim Mode, the payments are grouped by claim such that if a claim has multiple services and a patient check is split over those services, there appears only one check on the report for the combined total of the check.
  • In Service Mode, the payments are grouped by service instead of claim in the same manner as Claim mode.
  • Search by Patient Account Number to quickly review payments on an individual patient or guarantor account

Practice Activity Report

To access this report, go to Reports>Practice>Practice Activity Report.

  • We have added the ability to filter by Location and Location group.

Provider productivity

To access this report, go to Reports>Revenue Analysis>Provider Productivity.

  • In this report, we have added the option to review productivity by Source Provide from Episode of Care. When the report has the option on, this substitutes the claim provider with the Supervising Provider from the Episode of Care. Please note that we only turn this option on for clinics on a case by case basis. If you would like to have more information about this option, please contact PM Support.


Review Electronic Remittance Remit Files

To access, go to Claims>Electronic Remit>Review Electronic Remit Files.

Previously, there were very limited search options for this report. Now, our users can:

  • Search by Remit ID: (Claim Number, Created User, Remit ID)
  • Search by Setup:
  • Search by Payer:
  • Date Range: (Check Date, Entry Date)
  • Check Amount:
  • Remits Posted Status
  • Show Deleted
  • Export list to a .csv file to open in Excel or other spreadsheet software

Please Note*** The new column data will roll out over the next 6 to 7 days. You will not see these columns populated until the update has reached your database.

Charge Entry

  • New alert for Duplicate Charge Entry
  • New alert for when deleted ICD Codes are used in a claim
  • ICD Look up will not require a period in the ICD code.
    • For example, If you are searching for ICD-10 code: Z91.849, you could input: Z91849, and retrieve the same result. You can also utilize the search option in the Diagnosis Code Setup under the Support tab menu.

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