DuxWare Release Note - 10/30/2014

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The release note contains the following updates to DuxWare.

Collection Manager - Patient Statements

- Electronic statement functionality has now been restored.

Please review new options in the Statement Setup by selecting the link below:

Statement Setup

New options that may be of interest to you are:

  • Single Patient Statement Setup

You can configure instant print options for printing a statement from the Patient View Screen. Note: This option is for practices that do not have setups for multiple provider/business entities.

  • Include Unapplied Pre-payments

Note: If "Yes" is selected, unapplied payments will be used to calculate Balance Due Now on statements
and will also be listed on the patient statement. If "No" is selected, unapplied prepayments will not be
considered when calculating account balances. For example, the "No" option works well for practices that collect
prepayments in advance for cosmetic procedures, but the practice still wants to send a statement for balance due
for other claims in the account.

  • Include claims with a Negative Balance

This option will allow practices to produce statements for patients who have negative balances if "Yes" is selected.

  • Ignore Zero Balance Claims

Note: Setting this option to "Yes" will cause no statement to be sent to a Patient if the Patient Account Balance is Zero ($0.00).
CAUTION: If Claim Balances are not correctly zeroed you will run the risk of not sending a Patient an Open Balance on a Claim due to
another Claim for that patient being in an offsetting Credit Balance State. For example: If Claim 1 is over paid by $100, Claim 2 us under
paid by $100, the Account Balance is $0.00. This option does nothing when using Statement Mode: Guarantor.

  • Ignore Credit Balance Accounts

Note: By setting this option to "Yes", a statement will not generate if the patient's account has a credit balance.

  • Include All Claims

Note: By setting this option to "Yes", and the Payer Type is Patient, a statement will generate for the patient and will
include claims on file to insurance.

Best Practice Tip: The best practice for handling unapplied money, credit balances, and/or refunds is for the practice to make sure that all unapplied
payments,credits that should be applied to services, are done before a statement run.

Claims Filing

Claims Filing Sequencing Edit


It is now possible for a user to edit the Entry Date of a Claim Filing Status.

What this means - a user can now choose to change the 'Age' of a Claim's Filing Status.

Some useful points:

  • The original entry date is kept and displayed.
  • Original Age is displayed on Filing Status
  • Current Age is calculated and displayed.
  • Change Audit records changes to Entry Date.
  • Statement Dunning Messages are affected by Filing Status Entry Date.
  • Dunning Report/Letters are affected by Filing Status Entry Date
  • A/R Ages if affected by Filing Status Entry Date.

This change is made to allow users to handle Patient Payment Plans by resetting the 'age' of the Filing Status.
This is now done by manually editing the Filing Status, rather than creating new Filing Status.

DuxWare Messaging

The normal view for Read/Unread messages will be restored shortly.