DuxWare Release Note - 11/08/2020

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Claim Data Report has a new Payment Criteria selection with corresponding output. It has a few other criteria options as well.

Reports>Listing>Claim Data Report


  • Note: The Billed Date is extracted from the claim billing history of the primary filing. Be sure to select the Billed Date in the Data to Output section so that it will appear on the report.


New Payments Criteria and output sections:



Claim Edit>Add Service Line

If you need to add a service line to your claim, we have made it easier. You can access via Claim Information>Services/Payments. The new [+Add Line] feature has the full functionality of the original service line entry.


Payer Manager:

Payer Setup

Payer Manager/Setup has a new option for Payers that cannot sum a negative and a positive credit. This will help resolve some of the out-of-balance rejections that some of our users are receiving. Example: When filing to the secondary carrier after Medicare pays with a CO:144 Value Based Incentive Adjustment (-) and there is also a CO:45 adjustment (+), some payers cannot sum the negative and positive amounts. That, in turn, will cause your claim to be rejected as “out of balance”. Example copy of an out-of-balance rejection from a payer/carrier:



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your PM Support Team Member for assistance.

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