DuxWare Release Note - 11/24/2019

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Payments – Auto-post – Tracking Reason Codes with Payments and Filing Status

Note: In the past, our electronic, secondary claim submission files would represent Patient Responsibility as reason code: PR:2. It has come to our attention that some payers are requiring the distinction between PR:1 (deductible) and PR:2 (co-insurance) from the primary payer’s remittance.

• If you are posting payments via our Auto-post system, the reason codes will automatically populate the [Message] area of the claim. All reason codes will link to the respective service line of the claim. If the responsibility is transferred to the next responsible payer, the reason codes will automatically be included in the submission file. • If you are manually posting, or if you need to resubmit a claim that needs the reason codes, they may be added in the Claim Edit area as needed. You will see a new button at the top of the Claim Information Screen: [Messages]. This will house the Reason/Remark Codes for the claim.




Claims Filing:

HCFA Block 1500 02/12:

Block 32 vs. Place of Service “12” –

There are some payers that require the physical location where a DME was picked up to show in Block 32 of the HCFA 1500. Normally, when a procedure code is marked as DME and POS 12 is used on a claim, the system would force the patient's home address to display in Block 32 of the HCFA form. To override the patient's address in Block 32, just add the physical location as a "Facility" (Support>Locations>Facility Setup) and select it in the claim. This will place the physical location into Block 32 of the HCFA Form. If you need assistance or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact the PM Support Team.

ICD Search:

ICD Search will now default to ICD10 instead of “All”.


Reports>Revenue Analysis>Claim Write Off Report - The ability to export in PDF format is now available.

Reports>Collections>Dunning Report – The ability to filter by patient account number has been added.

Appointment Template Manager:

In this phase of updating the PM Appointment Schedule, we are updating the Schedule Template area where our users can better manage their templates that are used to override the Default Appointment Schedule Setup. The Menu option name has changed from Schedule Template Setup to Template Manager.

To access:


You will also notice, in the illustration below, that you can now see at a glance how many times an appointment template is linked to the Default Weekly Schedule Layout. In the Schedule Template Manager, you are now able to filter by Provider and/or Location to easily search existing Templates, review, edit and add.


When you click on the plus sign (+) you can see which weeks and dates that the template is linked to. You can also see if the template has been deleted from default weekly schedule layout.


At the bottom of the page you will see that this is page 1 of 2. You have two options here; 1) click on the arrow to move to the next page, or 2) click on the dropdown to view move options on the page.


If you have multiple templates, and you just want to see one Provider and/or one Location this can be achieved by selecting a Provider and/or Location in the search boxes at the top of the screen.


You can edit the template by clicking on the pencil. The edit screen will pop up to allow you to either change the name of the template which is a required field or delete the template from the default weekly schedule layout. Whichever you choose to do will affect all dates that this template is linked to.



You can edit the template by clicking on the edit button (the middle button). This will allow you to make changes to the weekly template which will affect all the dates that this template is linked to on the default weekly schedule layout.


If you want to change the schedule for one day or week then you will need to copy the template first.


You will see this box which will give you the option to create a New Template that will be linked to the default weekly schedule layout. If you are creating a new template, you will need to rename this template.


If you choose to create a New Schedule the New Name section will be grayed out, and you will have to choose a Provider and a Location. This will override and replace the default weekly schedule layout.


If you have any questions regarding the updates, please call or email your PM Support Team. We are happy to assist you.

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