DuxWare Release Note - 11/6/2016

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Report Updates

Patient Demographics Report:
To access: Reports>Patient>Patient Demographics

  • Additional Search Options
    • A new Appointment Related Selections section has been added for appointment related searches..
      • Search by Appointment Date, Appointment Location, Appointment Provider, Appointment Category

Claim Filing Status Report:
To access: Reports>Daily>Claims Filing Status Report

  • Single Payer option has been added.

Patient By Payer Report:
To access: Reports>Patient>Patient by Payer

  • Additional filtering for Provider Group and Location Group
  • Primary and Secondary Payer Search which adds the ability to to look up patient with a certain primary payer and a certain secondary payer.

News Flash

Coming Soon - Be on the look out for upcoming release notes for our Complete Patient Relationship Management Solutions.

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