DuxWare Release Note - 12/11/2022

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Management Menu:

Support>Management>Configuration Panel

We have previously introduced our Configuration Panel for Management Level Users (L5). This release cycle adds Charge Entry Options to this area.


We encourage you to explore the items in the Configuration Panel and call our Customer Support Staff with any questions. We are glad to assist you.

ConfigPanel chgEntry.png

Charge Entry/Claim Add:

ChgEntry ClaimAdd.png

To display options, select the blue accordion row for the options that you wish to review an enable/disable.

  • User Interface Options
  • Claim Defaults
  • UB04 Defaults

You will be surprised at the options now available to you. Just keep in mind that the selections in this area will affect all users that work in the Charge Entry area. Don’t be concerned; your current selected defaults are still in place.


Our Claim Add/Charge Entry screen has been updated with new functionality and is configurable to the user’s preference.

Patient Dashboard>Enter Charges:



Extended Header:


Service Tab:


Notice that the Claim Header, Extended Header and Service tab all have the Configure button. The Configure button provides options for Charge Entry at the user level. For example, an individual user has control over the actions of what happens under their user login. This is not a system-wide default.

The Charge Entry Configuration has three tabs:

  • Claim Entry Options
  • Claim Defaults
  • UB04 Defaults

Claim Entry Options:


Claim Defaults:


UB04 Defaults:


UB04 Charge Entry:

UB04 Fields (tab):


UB04 Charge Entry - Service (tab):


Claim> Ledger>Adjust

The Adjust action button has been update to a new user interface with a refreshed look. You will be presented with the new adjustment screen from the Patient Ledger and Services/Payments Tab in Claim Edit.


Claims>Claim Manager:

A new filtering option has been added to the Claim Manager. Claim Balance: Minimum/Maximum.



Reports>Patient>Export IRIS/ACO Patient Data:

This report was updated to accommodate MIPS requirements.

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • POS
  • Diagnosis Code(s)
  • CPT Codes
  • CPT Modifiers

If you have questions or need assistance, your Customer Support Team is available via phone or email. Toll Free - (800) 248-4298 or support@duxware.com.

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