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The Scheduler is the Provider's daily schedule with Patient's to be seen at the office(s) used by the Provider. Schedule Templates are created in Appointments - Schedule Setup and must exist to see the schedule in this screen.The Schedule Screen has many available functions as well as views such as Today, This Week and others. Multi-doc allows you to view multiple providers or multiple locations for a provider on one screen. There are limitations in how much data will fit on your screen and it really depensd upon the size and type of monitor you are using as well as the screen setting (resolution) of your monitor. Wide screen monitors show more information than traditional monitors for example. Generally you can show up to two weeks for one provider at a time on the screen or one week for up to four providers at a time. More than four providers at a time would require you to reduce the number of days shown on one screen to see everything.

The Scheduler can be accessed from the menu under Appointments, from the Patient Quick Add section and from the Paitent Information Screen and Patients can be scheduled from all three access methods.

Hint - It is helpful to remember always to hit the Get Schedule button to see the schedule you selected or if you have left the schedule screen open for a long period of time. This will bring in any new or changed appointments made by other users at your office that may have been scheduled after you brought up your screen the last time.  


How to Schedule an Appointment;

Choose a Start Date and End Date to view the schedule by typing in the dates as xx/xx/xxxx or by clicking the date field and using the calendar.

Select the Provider from the drop down menu.

Select the Location from the drop down menu.

Click Get Schedule to see the schedule selected.

Once the schedule comes up for the Provider and Location selected, Patients can be added to the schedule as follows;

Click an empty slot on the schedule.

Search for the correct Patient from the Patient Search Screen.

Once the Patient is found and selected you are brought to the Patient Information Screen to see if there are any important messages or actions that should be taken when scheduling.

After reviewing the Patient Information screen, click the Appointment Tab at the bottom of the Patient Information screen. That will bring you back to the slot you initially selected.

Enter the information about the appointment in the Appointment Insert Block to complete the schedule.

Available fields in the Appointment Insert Block are;

Type - normally the type of patient (i.e. New, Established)

Category - normally a broad description of the visit (i.e. Post-Op, Pre-Op, Follow Up, Surgery, Sick Visit)

Note: Both Appointment Types and Categories are setup under Appointments - Schedule Setup - Category Setup

Superbill - a drop-down box that allows you to select which Practice Superbill will be printed for this patient either from the batch print or if printed individually from the scheduler by right-clicking on the patient in the scheduler. Normally if your practice has a superbill in place it will default.

Room - this field allows you to enter a specific room that the patient will be seen in.

Comment - this field is a free-text area that can be used to notate why the patient is coming in for the visit. This information also appears on the printed schedule as well as on the mouse hover from the scheduler. An example of what is normally typed in the Comment would be: Patient complaining of lower back pain.

Scheduler Features;

The scheduler has many features developed to help you manage the schedule efficiently. Those features are listed below;

MultiDoc - this feature allows you to select more than one provider and/or location to view on one screen. To use this feature simply click on the MultiDoc button and check the box next to each provider that you wish to have on your view. You can do the same for the location if you wish to see more than one location on the screen at once. The Select All button at the bottom will check all providers and locations with one click. Hit Select to accept your request. Once you are returned to the Scheduler you will click Get Schedule to see the schedule you requested for each doctor and loctaion checked.

Show Only - The drop-down box here will enable you to see one specific day of the week and is handy for patients that tell you that they can only come on a certain day. You can actually advance your End Date up to two months ahead of your Start Date and Show Only one day to see two months of that day on the screen.

Note: Remember to change the Show Only back to All Days when you are done with your patient

Quick Jump - The Quick Jump feature allows you to jump ahead any given number of days, weeks, months or years. If your schedule is on today or this week view and the patient is checking out, suppose the doctor instructed the patient to return in 6 weeks. To jump ahead to 6 weeks from the listed Start Date simply change the Quick Jump days to 6 and the increment to Weeks and hit the right facing arrow to jump ahead 6 weeks. The left facing arrow will jump back the same amount if you want to get back to where you started.

Quick TIme Jump - If you want to quickly get down to a specific time on the schedule you can use the drop-down from the Quick TIme Jump. Other ways to move down the schedule by time is with the right hand scroll bar down arrow or by clicking the slider on the scroll bar and holding and sliding it down to see later times in the day.

Today Only - brings you to the selected provider and location (or multiDoc selections) for a one day view on today's date.

This Week - same as Today Only but shows you today as well as the next 4 business days or the whole week if today is Monday.

Find - If your schedule is configured with pre-determined slot types or categories, the Find button will allow you to search for specific open slots by type. Click the Find button to open up the Appointment Search box. Enter your search criteria starting with which day to begin your search on, or Starting, the Type of appointment, the Category of the appointment and a specific day to find or All Days which is the default. To see only the slots that fit your criteria check NO to Include Any. If you wish to see ALL available slots, even slots that do not have a pre-determined type or category choose YES to Include Any. Click Search to see the next available slots. You can scroll through the days with the Next and Previous buttons above the available slots list. To see the entire day simply click on any open slot in the Search Box and you will be brought to the scheduler for that day. If that day works for both you and the patient, you can select your time and schedule the appointment. If you want to continue searching for another open slot, simply choose another open slot from the list. When you have completed the appointment, click Close on the Appointment Search box.