DuxWare Release Note - 05/31/2020

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PM Release Notes for 05/31/2020

As you navigate through your Practice Management System, you will notice system updates that present a fresh, new look with added functionality. Some notable areas of the system that have been updated are:

Claims tab:

Service Search/Service Edit:

  • Updates to Service Search Criteria and Service Edit with expansion and drill down functionality.


Payment Search/Payment Edit:

  • New criteria updates and dialog for payments


Claim Search:

New criteria updates and dialog for Searching Claims. It also has expansion and drill down functionality.


Support tab:

General>Payer Setup/Manager

  • Search Criteria Update with new dialog.


  • No more clicking to see the next set of options. The payer information and options are all on one page, and it is scrollable. All of the same functionality is still available, but with less clicks.



We offer a lot more to our clients than Practice Management Software. Please visit our web site for more information:www.duxware.com

If you need any assistance, please call your DuxWare Support Team at 1-800-248-4298, or email: support@duxware.com.

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