DuxWare Release Note - 06/18/2017

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Important System Updates - 06/18/2017

Appointment Schedule

Appointment Block by Range Criteria:

Appointment Block by Range is good tool to Block and Unblock appointments by date range. To access Appointment Block by Range Criteria, select Appointment tab>Schedule Setup>Block by Range.

There are two new filter options:

  • Appointment Type
  • Appointment Category

The default value for both the Appointment Type and Category is "Any". As an example, you could choose to select appointments to block for a certain category. Select your date range, provider location, day or days of the week, time range, make the selection from the list of categories for the appointments that you would like to block; select "Block" as the action; enter a message to display on blocked appointments, then apply. If you want to undo, then select the same criteria, then choose the "unblock" action, then apply. It's that simple.



Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Accounts Receivable - added filters for provider groups, location groups, and Single Payer Lookup
  • Accounts Receivable Aged - added filters for provider groups, location groups
  • Accounts Receivable Patient - added filters for provider groups, location groups
  • Accounts Receivable Payer - added option: "Include Credit Balances: ___ No ___ Yes"


HCFA 1500 02/12

Block 24A - NDC Code - Formatting has been updated to show qualifier: N4 preceding the NDC code.


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