DuxWare Release Note - 10-09-2014

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The release note contains the following updates to DuxWare.

Introducing the Collection Manager/Patient Statements and Setup

We encourage our users to review the User Guides provided in the web links below for DuxWare's newly updated Collection Manager.

User Guide for Statement Setup:

User Guide for the Collection Manager:

Claim Transfer

New edit rules are in place to prevent Nonsensical Transfers and Link Claim Edit to Claim Transfer. To further explain, DuxWare
will not allow a Claim to be transferred to a Payer that already has a primary sequence. Below is an example of the error message
that will appear if this action is attempted in the patient's ledger:


Claim Manager - Limit Batch Size to 999

The Claim Manager will now limit the size of a batch to 999 claims. If the number of claims exceed the batch limitation, the user
should review claims as normal, and go through the normal steps to submit the batch at hand. Once that process ends, the Claim Manager
will automatically load the remainder of pending claims until all have been submitted.

Reports - Payment/Adjustment Report Criteria

There is a new option on the Payment/Adjustment Report Criteria to "Break Pay Code by 835 Reason Codes:" If your practice is interested
in reviewing reason codes (e.g. Sequestration CO-253), it is now available.


Reports - Monthly Activity Report

The Monthly Activity Report under Reports/Revenue Analysis/Monthly Activity Report now includes units.

Monthly Activity Access.png