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Patient Search

To find a patient

Patients can be located by Last Name, First Name, Phone Number, Social Security Number (SSN), Account Number, Date of Birth (DOB), Claim Number, Chart Number and Policy Number. This screen also allows patients to be added to the Practice Management System in one of two ways. The Add button is used when completing the patient demographics fully, the Quick Add allows the patient to be added with minimal information for scheduling purposes. If you enter information in the Quick Add you cannot enter additional information without having the complete required information.


Enter the search terms in the Text Box.(i.e. name of the patient if searching by Name)

Select the search type using the radio buttons.

Select Show Deleted if patients who have been deleted should be in the list.

Select Show Guarantors if patients designated as Guarantors Only should be in the list.

Click Search.

Search Results

If only one patient fits the search criteria you will be brought to the Patient Information Screen.

If several patients fit the search criteria they will be listed below the search box, click on the patient in the list to go to Patient Information Screen.

If the patient you wish to find is not in the list, click Add or Quick Appointment Add to enter the demographics into the system


To find specific patients by Name you can enter part of the last name followed by a comma and part of the first name (i.e. to find a patient named Tommy Tester you should enter tes,tom)

You may also find patients by first name only by entering a comma followed by the first name you are searching for (i.e. to find a patient with the first name of Tommy you should enter ,tom)

Note: The Last Name search also searches the Prior Name/Alias field in the patient demographics which is used for maiden names and nick names.

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