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Task List Manager/Denial Management

Efficiently manage and organize your tasks with the powerful Task List Manager tool. This user-friendly system enables you to easily set up and customize task lists, assign user permissions, and automate your processes. The first phase will require manual input from the user to create a task such as via a patient claim or patient dashboard. Tasks can also be created via the Claim Data Report that has the ability to filter by reason codes, then export to a Task List. Claim Data Report is under Reports>Listing>Claim Data Report. The next phase will automate the task list via auto-post reason codes that will be set up and linked to certain tasks. It can also be used as a tickler system as well.

The Task List Manager may be accessed via the Claims tab> Task List

  • Task list Manager is the Setup
  • Task List Items are for viewing/filtering tasks


In this area, it will be up to management as to what categories of tasks to set up. Customize it however you like to fit your needs.


This tool was mainly created to aide in follow-up for Claim Denials.
When creating a Task List Category, management can assign User Controls, Provider Controls, and Location Controls.

User Control


Provider Control


Location Control


Generate tasks via the Claim Data Report

• The Claim Data Report may be accessed via the Reports tab>listing menu or the Claims tab>Reports menu.


On the Claim Data Report, set up your criteria for the Reason Code(s) that you wish to export to tasks, then Save the Criteria to run the report routinely.

Taskclmdata1.png Tasclmdata2.png Taskclmdata3.png

Assign to the appropriate Task:



When [View Task List] has been selected, it lands the user in Task List Items.

The user can expand, edit, view claim, or mark the task as complete.


Add a task from the Patient Dashboard:


Add a task from the claim: