DuxWare Release Note - 10/02/2016

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ICD-10 Updates

The new ICD-10 codes have been imported to all databases that previously had the original set of ICD-10 codes imported. CMS has been sending notifications that effective 10/1/2016, the specificity grace period will be over. Coders will have to use the exact ICD-10 codes that match the provider’s clinical documentation. The CMS.gov web site has FAQs associated with ICD-10 Specificity: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Frequently-Asked-Questions.html.

Note: If you would like to verify that you did indeed receive the new ICD-10 codes, you can go to the Support tab>Procedures/Diagnosis>Diagnosis Setup, and search by description: Zika, Diagnosis type: ICD-10. The result should be A92.5. If you are unable to retrieve a new ICD-10 code, please call your PM Support Team.

Patient Demographics

Patient Receipt
Patient Receipt has been updated to only reflect claims with Patient payments within the selected date-range. Total of Patient payments will appear at the top left of the receipt. The patient receipt is now linked to the Statement Setup that can be accessed via the Support tab >Management menu.

Patient Statements - Statement Setup
A new option has been added in the statement setup to display the next three appointments on the patient’s statement. To access this option from the Support tab, go to: Management>Statement Setup, select the statement setup that you wish to edit, select “Yes” to Show Future Appointments.

Appointment Schedule

Consuming additional appointment slots is now available when creating or editing an appointment. For quite some time, you have been able to assign the number of slots consumed by assigning the number of slots by Appointment Type or Appointment Category Now, you can control the number of slots to consume when creating or editing an existing appointment.

For instance, a New Patient is automatically set to take 2 slots, but the Front Desk knows this patient really needs 3 slots due to a potentially complicated visit. They want to be able to change the slots from 2 to 3 when they are making the appointment. Just enter the number of slots to consume in the Consume Slots field. It will override the slots that are previously set in the Type and Category.



Patient Demographics:
To access: Reports>Patient>Patient Demographics

  • Additional output options:
    • Ethnicity
    • Race
    • Preferred Language
    • Pay Terms
    • Financial Class
    • Guarantor Account #
    • Guarantor Name

New Provider Group/Location Group options have been added to the following reports. Location Groups and Provider Groups can be set up under the Support tab menu.

  • Daysheet and Reconciliation Daysheet (To access: Reports>Daily)
  • Productivity by Procedure Report (To access: Reports>Revenue Analysis)
  • Productivity by Provider Report (To access: Reports>Revenue Analysis)
  • Monthly Activity Report (To access: Reports>Revenue Analysis)
  • Payment & Adjustment Report (To access: Reports>Revenue Analysis)

Procedure Productivity Report (Updated)

  • New option: Unify Procedure List (When breaking out the report across multiple locations or providers, this enabled option will cause the procedures presented to be unified across all reports to make it easier to compare them. To access: Reports>Revenue Analysis

Practice Activity Report (Updated)

  • The Practice Activity Report provides a quick look into Location and User Activity. To access: Reports>Practice.
    • Charges - The number of new charges created.
    • Payments - The number of new payments created.
    • Patients - The number of new Patients created.
    • Appointments - New - The number of new Appointments created.
    • Appointments - Changed - The number of Appointments that were changed.
    • Cancelled Appointments - The number of appointments cancelled.
    • Appointments Rescheduled - The number of appointments that were rescheduled.

You can drill down into each of the numbers to show a listing of those items by clicking the number.

Practice Revenue Summary Report (New)

  • The Practice Revenue Summary Report is a new report that will provide totals for each location by provider for: Claims, Units, Claims Total Payments, Claim Total Charges, Payments To Selected Claims (by date-range selection), Payments Not To Selected Claims (Payments received within date-range selected, but not necessarily related to the claims within the date-range selected), Adjustments, Balance. Each location is subtotaled with a grand total at the end of the report. The report can be output to Excel or PDF. To access: Reports>Revenue Analysis.

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