DuxWare Release Note - 12/06/2020

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PM Release Notes – 12/6/2020

2021 AMA CPT Codes are now available. Please select the web link below to access the form.



Add Service and Service Edit have been updated in the patient ledger. Users have the ability to tab key or enter key to advance to the next field. Service create/add/edit are unified. This means you will have the same screen for service edit in the patient ledger and add service.


Claims Filing Electronic Claims - Clearinghouse Payer ID ***additional payer setup option to accommodate patients with more than one policy with the same carrier.

  • Support>General>Payer Manager>Electronic options: Unique Payor ID Suffix (Loop2330B N3).

For instance, a child patient has parents who both have coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Electronically, the policy would be identical with exception of the policyholder and order of filing. The clearinghouse payer ID would also be the same. Some clearinghouses cannot accommodate this scenario. In the Payer Manager/Setup, you would view the Clearinghouse ID: 23738, then input the same ID into the Unique Payer ID Suffix field and append a letter at the end: 23738A. The suffix allows the secondary filing to not reject at the clearinghouse level. This scenario does not happen often, but it does on occasion. If you need assistance or clarification, please call into your PM Support Team.



Claim Data Report

Report>Listing>Claims Data Report: it will list only payments/adjustments for the claim sequence. Currently, it carries over the total payments, etc. into the next sequence.

Add ability to show payments by claim sequence.

Satisfied by adding new columns to output on report under filing status section:

• Filing Sequence Payments
• Filing Sequence Credits
• Filing Sequence Debits

To show payments by sequence, the user will select at least the following columns to output:

• Claim Number
• Filing Sequence
• Filing Sequence Payments
• Filing Sequence Credits
• Filing Sequence Debits

Claims Filing Status Report

Reports>Daily>Claims Filing Status: Enhancements (updated screen with more options)

Old Report Criteria Page:


Updated Criteria Page:

Statusnew1.png Statusnew2.png

If you have any questions regarding the updates to your system, please do not hesitate to contact your PM Support Team for assistance.

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