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Do a Patient Search before scheduling to see if the Patient is already in your DuxWare database.
If you find the patient click on the Patient name and the Patient information screen will come up.
Go to Appointment in the blue tabs at the bottom of the screen.

If the Patient is not in your database:

A Quick Appointment Add will allow you to get just enough Patient Information to Schedule an Appointment:

Appointment Quick ADD.png

Patient Last Name

First Name

If the Patient has a Suffix – such as Jr. or MD it must be in the Suffix box not the Last Name box.

Phone Numbers - you don't have to type dashes or slashes.

Street address and Zip Code

The Zip will pull in City and State.

Date of Birth - just enter the numbers, you don't need any dashes or slashes


Location where they will be seen

Physician Patient will be seen by

Since this is a Quick Add you may enter Insurance Information in the Patient Message

Policy Number and Phone Number of Carrier so you can check benefits before the Patient comes in

Choose yes for Message to appear on Patient Information screen then choose Save

Choosing Save will take you to the Schedule for the Physician and the Location you chose in the Quick Add.

Appointment Scheduler.png

Select an Appointment for the Patient,

Appointment Insert Screen.png

Choose the Type of Appointment - New Patient or Established

Category - What they are coming in for - choose from the drop down list

In comments describe symptoms – why they want to come in.

Click Save and you have Scheduled an Appointment.